Our Story

Luke’s Lobster is a cozy, Maine-bred seafood shack committed to serving simple dishes that highlight superior ingredients, sourced from sustainable fisheries and traceable back to the very harbor where our seafood was caught. The vision of Luke Holden, a Maine native and one-time lobsterman, Luke's Lobster opened its first shack in 2009 in the heart of New York's East Village, and now has the privilege of serving seafood-loving guests in eight states across the country. From ocean to plate, Luke’s handles every step of the supply chain to ensure that only exceptionally fresh seafood is served in our shacks. We hand pick the lobster directly from the lobstermen at the dock, and our sister company, Cape Seafood, immediately cleans and steams it to preserve its freshness and quality.

Luke's Lobster is deeply devoted to each of our communities, from the fishermen of Maine & Canada, to the unique teams that make up each of our shacks. As a guest we invite you to step out of the city and into our Maine-style shacks to enjoy the the freshest, highest quality seafood, beautifully prepared.