Meet our first international Luke's Lobster family.

Visit one of the 6 locations across Japan and enjoy our famous lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. We use the same traceable, sustainable seafood and follow the exact same recipes and procedures as our US shacks do to make our signature products, so you are guaranteed to get your Luke's fix more than 6,000 miles from our original location in NYC!

Just like our US shacks, we can trace every ounce of lobster to the harbor where it was caught and we use only sustainable seafood on our menu.


Luke's Lobster, Omotesando (map)
Luke's Lobster, Shibuya, Park Street (map)
Luke's Lobster,  Hiroo (map)
Luke's Lobster,  Yokohama, Lumine (map)
Luke's Lobster, Kobe (map)
Opening in March! Luke's Lobster, Aoyama (map)

Coming Soon:
Luke's Lobster, Shinsaibashi (map)
Luke's Lobster, Fukuoka, Parco (map)
Luke's Lobster, Ginza (map)
Luke's Lobster, Shibuya, Stream (map)


Visit Luke's Lobster, Japan
We are excited to have found a like-minded Japanese operator, committed to serving the highest quality seafood, with the same values of traceability, sustainability, and community. Our Luke's Lobster Japan team have invested much time, effort, and diligence in studying our brand, our food, our practices, and values.